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Wheatley, formerly an Intelligence Dampening Sphere attached onto GLaDOS, is a loose Personality Construct and was the deuteragonist for the first half of the single-player campaign of Portal 2. He is one of the many cores seen awakening at the end of Portal , although he had previously been awake before GLaDOS ' takeover of the Aperture. Wheatley is the deuteragonist turned main antagonist of the 2011 Valve video game Portal 2. He was voiced by Stephen Merchant, who also played Darren Lamb in Extras, Stuart Pritchard in Hello Ladies, Paris in Gnomeo and Juliet and Sherlock Gnomes, and Captain Deertz inJojo Rabbit. 1 Biography 1.1 Other Appearances 1.1.1 LEGO Dimensions 1.2 Team Fortress 2 2 Powers and Abilities 3 Quotes 4. Wheatley up close. Wheatley, referred to as an Intelligence Dampening Sphere by GLaDOS, is a loose Personality Construct and a main character in the single-player campaign of Portal 2.He was one of the many cores seen awakening at the end of Portal.. Of masculine programming and in possession of an English West country accent, he is Chell's sidekick and guide during the first half of the game. This is a complete list of Wheatley's voice lines from Portal 2. Additionally, a large number of extra voice lines were created for Team Fortress 2 for the Ap-Sap weapon. Content http://bit.ly/SuBscRibE ♥★ 5% off SCUF controllers coupon WICKED (all caps) ★★ 10% off KontrolFreeks coupon: wickedshrapnel ★If you shop on Amazon would yo..

Portal 2 > Guides > Spynapple Pizza's Guides . 29 ratings. How to spawn clean Wheatley! By Spynapple Pizza. It's very simple on your keyboard click the button that says Esc then go to options go to keyboard/mouse then enable Allow Developer Console then click the button that looks like this ~ then type sv_cheats1 then ent. Who: Wheatley Good news is, the lab boys say the symptoms of asbestos poisoning show a median latency of forty-four point six years, so if you're thirty or older, you're laughing. Worst case scenario, you miss out on a few rounds of canasta, plus you forwarded the cause of science by three centuries

Wheatley : ent_create npc_personality_core Steam -> steamapps -> common -> portal 2 -> portal2 -> cfg. There, you can add and save your own cfg file. Open up Notepad and type in a list of all your binds. Save it and name it Binds.cfg (make sure that it really is a cfg extension). Run Portal 2, open your Developer Console, and type Links - Articles written about my Wheatley v2.0, Wheatley's made by other people on the web, other neat Portal content, and the Portal Holiday Spirit Initiative Feel free to comment if you have questions, or email me at animatronicwheatley@gmail.com Portal 2 is a puzzle-platform game developed by Valve.It was released in April 2011 for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.The digital PC version is distributed online by Valve's Steam service, while all retail editions were distributed by Electronic Arts.. Like the original Portal (2007), players solve puzzles by placing portals and teleporting between them

Portal 2 Chapter 10: Wheatley After you climbed up with some portals you have to follow the hallway through the backside of Aperture or Wheatley Science and pass past the gel pipelines until you are at the end of this hallway Portal 2 draws from the award-winning formula of innovative gameplay, story, and music that earned the original Portal over 70 industry accolades and created a cult following. The single-player portion of Portal 2 introduces a cast of dynamic new characters, a host of fresh puzzle elements, and a much larger set of devious test chambers I gathered the parts of Wheatley in Portal 2 that I thought was the very best (Before/durring he get's control of the whole place). So for those of you who h.. Stephen Merchant reprises his role as the voice of Wheatley for the Ap-Sap. The name of the item is a portmanteau of Aperture and Sapper. The description mentions GLaDOS, the main villain from the Portal franchise. It also mentions the Aperture Science facilities. Galler Wheatley Skin Mods for Portal 2 Portal 2 / Skins. Overview. Admin. Permits . Report. Add Skin. Skin Category Submitter Stats. Bluecat's Custom Core. Submitter. Joined 1y ago. Offline. 255 points Ranked 55,416th. 5 medals. 3mo 956. P1 Cores for P2. Submitter. JuannP Joined 11mo ago. Offline. 204 points Ranked 58,583rd. 3 medals

Portal 2 › Wheatley. Wheatley. Stephen Merchant, Richard Lord are the voices of Wheatley in Portal 2. Video Game: Portal 2 Franchise: Portal. Incarnations View all 3 versions of Wheatley on BTVA. Wheatley VOICE Stephen Merchant. Richard Lord. Guillaume Lebon. Comments Add a Comment. SHOW COMMENTS (0 dota 2 cs:go team fortress 2 portal half life left 4 dead. shop by categories sale pre-order home + office vinyls + collectibles accessories womens mens. connect. partner Wheatley(ウィートリー)とは、Valve社のパズル ゲーム「Portal2」に登場する人格コアのうちの一つであり、主人公のパートナーであり、マヌケであり、米国史上最高のツンデレ キャラ GLaDOSたんを輩出した名プロデューサーである。 見た目は青で、前作のケーキ コアと似ている How to open the Portal 2 console on PC and enter commands From the main menu, go to Options -> KEYBOARD/MOUSE -> Allow Developer Console and set it to Enabled. Note: to make some of these codes work, you need to enter this code into the console: sv_cheats

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With Ellen McLain, Stephen Merchant, J.K. Simmons, Joe Micheals. Many years after Portal, Chell reawakens at Aperture Science and tries to stop GLADoS once again with the help of Wheatley, who has his own plans for the historical facility Portal 2 Wheatley - With Custom Cursor browser extension you can change your cursor to a custom one from cursor collection or upload your own curso Portal 2 is the sequel to the first-person puzzle game Portal.It was released for all high-definition platforms on April 19, 2011. The game, set an indeterminate time after the first game, introduces new characters - Wheatley, one of GLaDOS's personality cores, and Cave Johnson, the late CEO of Aperture Science Portal 2 est un jeu vidéo de plates-formes et de réflexion en vue subjective développé et édité par Valve.Le jeu paraît sur Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3 et Xbox 360 le 19 avril 2011 en Amérique du Nord, et le surlendemain pour le reste du monde.La version pour Linux a été mise en bêta-test le 25 février 2014 [3].La version du jeu sur disque optique est distribuée par Electronic. Oct 22, 2016 - A board about the character Wheatley the video game, Portal 2. See more ideas about Portal 2, Portal, Portal 2 wheatley

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  1. Wheatley, anteriormente una Esfera de Limitación de Inteligencia instalada en GLaDOS, es un Núcleo de Personalidad suelto. Fue compañero de Chell brevemente durante su escape del Centro de Desarrollo de Aperture Science y también el principal antagonista durante la campaña para un jugador de Portal 2. De acuerdo con GLaDOS, Wheatley fue diseñado originalmente por los técnicos de.
  2. Stream Portal 2 Soundtrack - Wheatley Battle ( BOSS ).mp3 by portalover from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. Portal 2 Soundtrack - Wheatley Battle ( BOSS ).mp3 by portalover published on 2016-01-15T09:29:49Z. Comment by Alex_Plays *like. 2020-11-11T18:49:46Z Comment.
  3. Use pOrTaL 2 Wheatley and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or audio that help bring your imagination into reality
  4. High quality Wheatley gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours

-Wheatley to Chell when he sees her with the Handheld Portal Device The Intelligence Dampening Sphere, commonly known as Wheatley, is a personality construct with a British accent and is the deuteragonist of Portal 2. After he gains control of Aperture Laboratories, however, he becomes the game's antagonist in the second half The method that I used to determine Wheatley's size uses a picture of Chell holding onto Wheatley at the end of Portal 2: The average width of a female palm is 2.91 inches. By using that info and this picture, you can find a similar result of 11.64 inches (which easily rounds to 12 inches) Portal 2 Wheatley Speaker!: For years now I have been a huge portal fan, and I finally decided to build a speaker shaped like my favorite character ever, Wheatley. Basically, this project is a 3d printed Wheatley that can hold speakers on both sides. When painted, it looks re

Yet another walkthrough for Portal 2, but this is THE BEST! =) (The Itch - Chapter 8) But you can also refuse to do anything and just wait and listen to Wheatley go crazy... Portal over to the switch and exit through the giftshop, no, through the exit See a recent post on Tumblr from @tiedyefrog about wheatley. Discover more posts about portal 2, chell, glados, space core, valve, aperture science, and wheatley Portal 2 spoilers ahoy. This doesn't seem likely. GLaDOS later reveals that Wheatley was an intelligence dampening core, designed to slow her down by feeding her a constant stream of bad ideas which she would have to process before rejecting Portal 2 Wheatley Laboratories Patch Set #2. $10.99 Out of stock. Portal 2 Atlas 3.9-Inch Mini Figure Out of stock. Portal 2 Wheatley Key Cap [Loose] Out of stock. Portal 2 40's & 70's Aperture Laboratories Logos Patch Set Out of stock. NECA Portal 2 Test Subject Jumpsuit [2X-Large]. This article describes the Portal 2 storyline, chapter by chapter. Portal 2 almost directly follows the events of Portal from Chell's perspective, although being set more than 50,000 years after the events of Portal. The co-op portion of the game follows ATLAS and P-body, whom GLaDOS accompanies through the Cooperation Testing Initiative. The single-player campaign is set directly after Portal.

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  1. Step 2 - Simply with your details. You will have to have been given these by Portal 2 Wheatley, either on sign up, or by your authority of Portal 2 Wheatley. Step 3 - You should now have a successfully logged in message. Congratulations, you are now logged in successfully to Portal 2 Wheatley
  2. Portal 2 Wheatley Prop: Hi all you members of internet land! Today I'm gonna be teaching you how I built my life-sized Wheatley replica from the game Portal 2! MATERIALS you are going to need: Sheets of Fun Foam a Styrofoam ball (Ours was about 9 inches in diameter) th
  3. Wheatley: [They enter the testing room to hear the sound of pages being turned] Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry; Hope that didn't disturb you too much, there. It was the sound of books - pages being turned
  4. Portal Offset is a Portal 2 Mod that aims to have 5 test chambers so quite a short mod with custom dialogue and soundtrack. Portal Experimental (Episode 1) Oct 19 2020 TBD Puzzl

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Portal 2 - GLaDOS vs Chell and Wheatley; Product Idea . Portal 2 - GLaDOS vs Chell and Wheatley. 10K Club Member. hachiroku24 432. Share. In Review. Help your fellow builder by leaving your feedback based on these three criteria: Originality: How original is this - never seen. In Portal 2, Wheatley starts the game as a friendly and funny Personality Core. He stumbles his way through trying to help Chell escape. It all goes wrong when he becomes mad with power. He begins to test Chell with thrown together chambers while Aperture is about to explode. Wheatley tries to prove he's just as mean as GLaDOS with hilarious insults that aren't very good Step 1 - Go to the Portal 2 Wheatley Figure official page via our official link below. After you click on the link, it will open in a new tab so that you can continue to see the guide and follow the troubleshooting steps if required. Step 2 - Simply with your details Wheatley is my current project (at least at the time of writing this post). I've been working on him since April. I'll post the progress so far, then edit as I keep going. I had plans to cosplay as Edward Elric this year at Dragon*con. Building the arm seemed like fun and I always enjoy seeing good Edward costumes. Then Portal 2 came out

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Portal 2 Walkthrough Return to Aperture for further testing. Our Portal 2 Walkthrough provides a walkthrough for story mode, tips for co-op, and unlockables Portal Carousel - sp_a1_intro2; Portal Gun - sp_a1_intro3; Smooth Jazz - sp_a1_intro4; Cube Momentum - sp_a1_intro5; Future Starter - sp_a1_intro6; Secret Panel - sp_a1_intro7; Wake Up - sp_a1_wakeup; Incinerator - sp_a2_intro; Chapter 2: The Cold Boot. Laser Intro - sp_a2_laser_intro (Reconstructing Aperture theme) Laser Stairs - sp_a2_laser. Buy Portal 2 Wheatley Keycap: Keychains - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase This Portal 2 aesthetic theme is showcased in Act 4 of the single player campaign. It is characterized by either mass-scale destruction of the chamber, or a regular clean theme with the occasional behind-the-scenes peek, also including Wheatley monitors.The walls are torn apart and you can see all sorts of things outside of the chamber: Gel pipes, Pneumatic Diversity Vents, other chambers. Portal 2 Wheatley Valve Games Keep It To Yourself What Have You Done Fictional World Happy Art Hey You Good Ol Combustible Lemons. He spring-a-linged into my heart — Giant!Wheatley chain catalyst. Portal Memes Portal 2 Portal Wheatley Aperture Science Video Game Art Video Games Geek Shirts You Monster Fiction

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  1. Built by YouTube user trpchakai, this real-life Portal 2 Wheatley puppet not only looks it was pulled straight from the game, but can actually talk to you, thanks to 10 pre-programmed quotes. Continue reading for a video
  2. e. CONTROLS-Roll, Pitch and Yaw: Eye Movement -Slider 1: Handlebar Movement-Slider 2: Chassis Movement-AG1+Throttle: Move Eye Outward
  3. Portal 2 (Video Game 2011) Stephen Merchant as Wheatley. Wheatley : [Wheatley leads Chell through a dark area of the facility] Ah, brilliant! You made it through
  4. Find and download Wheatley Wallpaper on HipWallpaper. | See more Portal 2 Wheatley Wallpaper, Wheatley Portal 2 Background, Wheatley Desktop Background, Wheatley Wallpaper, Wheatley Portal Desktop Background, Claptrap vs Wheatley Wallpape
  5. g the remains of the facility, the two accidentally repower.
  6. Voice responses are contextually triggered lines that play after the player has achieved something, for instance killing a certain amount of enemies with a Primary or Melee Weapon or the player triggering something like being set on fire. There are several Wheatley responses that are triggered while using the Ap-Sap, all of which are listed below

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Portal 2: Songs to Test By (Collectors Edition) Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories Soundtrack · 2012 Preview SONG TIME Science Is Fun. 1. 2:36 PREVIEW Concentration Enhancing Menu Initialiser Wheatley Science. 2. 2:30. In Portal 2, GLaDOS uses a newly built testing track consisting of 22 Test Chambers. Its start, the very last Test Chamber from the original testing track in Portal, is connected to the Incinerator Room.The final chamber for this course would have been Test Chamber 22, which is a death trap for Chell.. This testing course is used after GLaDOS is reactivated by accident, courtesy of Wheatley Download music and ringtones from Portal 2. The Friendly Faith Plate; 15 Acres of Broken Glass; Love as a Construct; I Saw a Deer Toda Wheatley may be a bit dim, but his flashlight is bright! This officially licensed Portal 2 Collectible is sure to be a hit for gaming fans. Just like the real Wheatley, this flashlight will come in handy as you try escape a darkened testing facility. Press the button and Wheatley's blue eye will light your path

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Jan 11, 2014 - This Portal 2 Wheatley puppet from Furin Cosplay is nothing short of phenomenal. Check out the extensive in-progress documentation on her blog to get a Space ClarkRules 14 2 Wheatley Core #2 Trickyhunter33425 5 1 Portal: Man Alive! DrGaster 43 18 Portal-Human Wheatley lbartsBTBP 1 0 Portal-Whatley fanart lbartsBTBP 31 2 Just Sum Wheaties NinaWolverina 31 1. Chell. Chell.

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  1. NOTE: The following interview contains some spoilers regarding the events of the Portal 2 single-player campaign. It's safe to say that Stephen Merchant's portrayal of Wheatley, the.
  2. Portal 2 Wheatley. Wheatly... Saved by Clancy Gilroy. 1. Portal 2 Wheatley Portal Memes Portal Art Valve Games Aperture Science I Still Love Him Classic Movies Looks Cool Portal. More information..
  3. While Wheatley obviously sustains some damage from GLaDOS's rough handling, he's not actually offline when she discards him and tosses you into the incinerator. As Wheatley's line in this video suggests (There I was, just lying there, you thought I was done for, but—), he's just playing dead
  4. View, comment, download and edit wheatley portal 2 Minecraft skins
  5. Perfect for any Wheatley/Portal fan. Love the size and functionality. I always thought the cores were gray because of the lighting and texture but I searched up a pic and apparently, they are white. Whoops. I feel like the item would be so much more amazing if it had a metal casing instead of a plastic one. I'd pay more for one

This has some information about Wheatley, in Portal 2. Just a warning there might be some spoilers in here. So lets get started! Wheatley is a maintenance core in the Aperture facility. (I will probably add to this later on.) You first meet Wheatley when you wake up. he gets you into the old testing track. You find the portal gun and lose him for a while. He accidentally activates GLaDOS. Portal 2 Intro. Wheatley plugged into a port. He is first met at the beginning of the game, after Chell wakes in a hotel-esque room, This is the part of the game where Wheatley physically appears for the first time. He suggests that both he and Chell escape, and Chell agrees The Intelligence Dampening Sphere, commonly known as Wheatley, is a character from the Portal franchise, first introduced in the 2011 video game Portal 2. He is a spherical robot housing an artificial intelligence that is referred to in-universe as a personality core. 1 Basic Information 2 Archetypes 2.1 British 2.2 Duality 2.3 Feral Scientist 2.4 Nonhuman 2.5 Power 2.6 Twist Antagonist 2.7. Wheatley, as portrayed in the Defective Turret animation (2012).. Other Wheatley design, as portrayed in PortLOL (2011).. Human Wheatley is a humanized version of Wheatley from Portal 2, created by VampireMeerkat.. He exists in an alternate reality where everything else has mostly stayed the same

Portal 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 8: Chamber 15 ← Chapter 8: Test Chamber 12; Chapter 8: Chamber 16 → Chapter 8: Chamber 15. When you first enter the room, Wheatley will open up an exit for you. Be sure to take a close look at that exit, because you'll see something interesting up there Put a portal up by the balcony, and when some white gel lands on a black ramp, put the other portal there. Once the white gel has landed at your feet, portal out of there before Wheatley kills you! After some simple puzzles along the walkway, you get back into rooms worth writing about. Grab the. Portal 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 8: Chamber 16 ← Chapter 8: Chamber 15; There's a light funnel near where the Wheatley monitor is, and past that there is a blue gel tube that is not currently turned on. There is a button near the blue gel tube that can turn it on

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E The best visual gag in any piece of media was the giant vault door concealing a normaI-sized door in Portal 2 Actually the bestjoke of all time period was also in Portal 2 and it's when Glados says Well, this is the part where he kills us and Wheatley follows up Hello, this is the part where I kill you! and the chapter card pops up reading Chapter 9: The Part Where He Kills. It's been over 4 years since Portal 2 launched, but Wheatley, the AI character with a British accent, remains a captivating character. [Evie Bee] built a Wheatley replica complete with sound

Portal 2 is the highly-requested sequel to that iconic game, which provides another hilarious adventure through a laboratory full of puzzle rooms. This time around, players will meet new characters, scratch their heads at new mechanics, and even solve some puzzles with friends in the fleshed-out cooperative mode portal. portal 2 wheatley. portal 2 game. portal turret. wheatley. aperture science. half life. Gift Guides Shop this gift guide Design ideas and inspiration Shop this gift guide Everyday finds Shop this gift guide Price ($) Any price Under $25 $25 to $50.

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Wheatley is a fictional artificial character in the 2011 video game Portal 2.He is voiced by British comedian Stephen Merchant and created in part by Portal 2 ' s designer Erik Wolpaw.To date, he only appears in Portal 2.. Since his appearance in Portal 2, he has received overwhelmingly positive reception from critics.Merchant has been praised for his portrayal by critics who cited his fast. Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical Cast Album by Geekenders, released 13 March 2015 1. Good Morning Aperture 2. Why Can't the Subjects Learn Their Test Initiative? 3. I'm Alive 4. Poor Unfortunate Subjects 5. Under Attack 6. Suddenly Wheatley 7. Running the Whole Machine 8. Here In the Darkness We're Free 9. Mr. Johnson 10 Portal 2 Wheatley LED Flashlight Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Nam Portal 2: The Unauthorized Musical is a fan-made stage show adaptation of the beloved video game of the same name.It is a product of the Vancouver-based musical theater burlesque comedy troupe Geekenders Theatricals. It was performed in January of 2015 at Vancouver's Rio Theatre


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A népszerű brit komikus, Stephen Merchant tolmácsolásában láthatjuk a Portal 2 gameplay jelenetekkel tarkított új előzetesét. Az úriember szolgáltatja ugyanis Weatley hangját a játékban. A komikus a száraz humor képviselője a szigetországban, bele-bele szólt a Valve munkájába az ütős poénok kidolgozásánál After Wheatley's Surprise, you'll need to portal away from the platform just as Wheatley sends a bunch of arms to crush you. Instead of continuing to run away on the catwalks, stay nearby. Wheatly.

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Portal 2 Wheatley recordings were exhausting says Merchant 9 years ago Tom Senior Co-creᴀᴛᴏʀ ᴏꜰ Tʜᴇ Offɪᴄᴇ, Stepʜᴇn Merchᴀɴt, hᴀs ʙᴇen ᴛᴀʟᴋɪɴg ᴛᴏ MTV ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ʜɪs role ᴀs Wʜᴇᴀᴛley ɪɴ Pᴏʀtal 2 How do I give Wheatley a custom skin in Portal 2? 38. What happens if you choose GLaDOS' way in Portal 2? 12. What are the column-like beams on Portal 2 called? 26. How does Wheatley recover after GLaDOS's crush? 12. What is the blue/orange symbolism in Portal 2? 58 portal 2 wallpaper wheatley portal 2 glados wallpaper. ugp. Jun 9, 10:10 PM. I am doing my pre-order without even walking into the Store. The perks of knowing the Manager. He is going to take care of everything for me because I know he wants that SPIFF lol

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Yeah, it's me. Let me say, I-I love these new blue portal-y things Wheatley Wheatley is a non-playable deuteragonist in LEGO Dimensions from the Portal 2 franchise. 1 Background 2 Appearances 3 Notes 4 Gallery Wheatley was designed to be an Intelligence Dampening Sphere, one of the cores to be attached on GLaDOS in order to generate an endless stream of terrible ideas as a means of delay. The Portal 2 soundtrack was released in three volumes: The first, titled Volume 1, was released on May 25, 2011; Volume 2 on July 1, 2011, Volume 3 on Sept. 30, 2011

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